March 30, 2014


Happy Monday!!!

A Jolt of Freedom, & Surprise,
neither good nor bad, by that, I mean it can be either…
Both is likely wrapped in a single parcel, a marriage of mixed sentiments.

Taurus Venus hits Retro- Leo Jupiter, & the Moon, while trining Pluto,
taps into those dark feelings to give them some sunshine.

A blast from the past, compulsion, & hopefully release.

Mercury moving into Aries, and Mars tipping over to Taurus.

We begin to think fast and act with deliberation.

Is this the move you want to make?

Our brains are catching up to our abilities, to our potential to create,
to vivify, to see with potency what comes next.

That Merc trines a Retro Saturn,
still taking care of old biz/planning/building for the time soon to come…

If you want it… you gots to make it happen.

~ it’s in the works ~

Sun/Uranus/Jupiter/Pluto/South Node all in aspect.
Saturday April 4th we have our Full Moon Eclipse in LIBRA!

Yes people, Relationships.
I am to you, as you are to…

and yet

Can you play sincerely?

It’s not all in your control,
but here you are, playing a part.

Interaction, with yourself,
with others, your environs…
The sunlight plays with the trees, the street,
lighting the world, shading, color, texture


With Pluto involved there will be consequences!
Uranus guarantees that some of them will be unforeseen.

How are you liking your life between the Eclipses?
Presto Change-o!

Certainly some puzzle pieces have showed up that can’t be ignored.
What will be after the next shakedown?
What would you like?

Don’t forget, it’s YOUR LIFE

My friend Bill McHenry used to have a poster from the ’70’s in his hallway that said:

Play Every Day!
Damn Skippy, People.

Love YOU!!!!


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  1. Colleen says:

    *sigh* Came to realizations that our family would be better off not being a family anymore. This sucks.

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