March 29, 2016




3 Planets and the South Node in Pisces:
Venus, Chiron, Neptune

Chiron + Venus ON the South Node

Sun, Mercury, Uranus in Aries.
Moon, Retro-Saturn, and Mars in Sagittarius.
Retro-Jupiter and North Node in Virgo.

Mercury inconjunct Retro-Jupiter, & nearly touching Uranus.
Surprise! It’s the future!

The Sagittarius planets trine the Aries planets and Square the Pisces.

Pluto in Capricorn.

That’s it.
That’s the sky.

Too impatient with a sea of longing,
Impossible to put more than a fleeting glance backward,
and yet backward remains in the forefront.



You are thinking,rightly, that the unexpected is about to happen,
You had better have a plan. Push ahead, ask questions.

The whole thing is a dance with many steps, & several partners.
Not all of them visible.
Great weather for ghosts.

Yes some things are ending, and the beginning is right there at the heart of it,
blooming up out of the center. Undeniable.

Remember to honor your core.
Respect for others, respect for self.

Love YOU!!!!


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