March 29, 2013


Complex Sky
and some beautiful energy at play.

On the one hand this, fully and completely


So here we go!

It’s time.





If you feel that you are too young to die, get your ass to function.


And on the other side of the equation:


Scorpio Moon Plus:

Jupiter begins to inch along toward old (Venus Transit the Sun) ground,
Sun/Venus/Mars/Uranus in aspect to Pluto,
Jupiter in Gemini giving it the go-ahead
Thumbs up on the Moon and Mercury/Chiron from our man Saturn too.

Venus racing to meet her lover Mars on April 6th.
Still got the Blurry Mercury
… depth perception… or total delusion?

Is there someone you were involved with last June,
Or someone who strikes you out of the blue this weekend?!

Sudden Passion, Deep feelings, Strange opportunities…
If you have a chance you may as well go OUT!

Meanwhile, people ARE still impulsive and irritable…
and Pisces Style Bliss is right there if you are looking!

For once…It is complicated!

Do remember this though:
He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.
~Ben Franklin, too true Ben, too true!


What more can we ask?

In Aries season we all must make our own way.
Don’t wait,

Dance with me?

(Trombone Shorty!!! Capricorn and Total Heartthrob!!!)

Love YOU!!!



Are you sending a message? Or did you receive one?

double p.s.

from Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back!!!! Awwww!

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