March 28, 2013 As if Where is a Color


Alright. Whatever that was, we did it.
What happened for you? Did it live up to the hype?
Was it a non-event?
Quite a few people I talked to felt sleepy. Including Fire signs.
Others had deep thoughts and kind of a primal thing going.
If nothing else, Aries is primal.

That’s an Aries word, double meaning intended.
*I have never met an Aries who didn’t like to drive.

Some things ended, internally, as much as anywhere,
and it’s all over but the cryin’…
I almost think we may not have to cry too much.

Full Moons are great for letting go.
Aries wants us in the NOW anyway.
Things get rapidly Uranian.
You’ll see.

By the time we get to May it will be like we are on a whole other planet.

We will be looking backwards with telescopes… at the far, far, distances we traveled…

those little towns and far away places that used to be our lives.

…Or our lives may look the same,
I mean, everything LOOKS the same,
but it’s as though a colorwash has run over it,
everything red is blue, the light is tinting even as we speak, sunset or sunrise pink,
that caribbean turquoise…
unrecognizable in the weeks to come.

Where will we go?

Faster now.

Faster now that we are unencumbered, free to spin
as a child’s top. The dervishes of the world, moving, set free.

Perhaps not in little circles like children spinning,
the older we get, the longer it takes for these spirals to turn.
Wider and wider.

Aries likes linear.
Spirals = No Thank You.
Moving ahead, Set goal and achieve.
…does it work that way?


That’s the Saturn in Scorpio Song, if anything that both cracks whips and mumbles
could be said to somehow sing.

Good news:
About HIV (a saturn in scorpio topic) Bee Venom (a mars/saturn topic)
Just beyond brilliant.

I don’t know what it is about bees.
Honey? Flight? Industry? Flowers?
Their willingness to fight and die?
Having a stinger that tears out your life? What an idea!
The fact that we couldn’t exist with out them?
Bees are magic! Bees = blessings, just because.



*The only way I could imagine it,
is if the joy of being frustrated outweighed the joy of speeding!

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