March 27, 2013


People have been having the craziest dreams!

WOW! So that’s what happens when everyone leaves you alone at night! Whew!

It’s our Full Moon in Libra today as promised!

Plenty of UP, happy energy, but do be careful!
People are operating on instinct, they act before they think.

You can’t go wrong being a class act today,
just remember to do it without the uptight vibe.
This is the kind of astro where pedestals get knocked out from under,
and people love to see you fall.

I’ve written TONS on the Full Moon, so check it here, here, and here if you are curious.

I think I’ll just play some songs for you this morning:

Classic MGMT, even if it starts out with a horrendous misquote!
that’s paraphrasing Nietzsche, not Twain!
All the players in the sky today
are represented in this video. Ugh! Scary Monsters!

control yourself, take only what you need…


Here is a shocker!
Brand New provocative cut from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Fresh Album to follow mid-April!

That gave me chills!…. and made me think
what, after all is innocence? How far will we go to quiet our conscience?
and at what cost?

Something simple for Aries Action!
Can’t go wrong with Major Lazer and Uber-Libra Santigold,
even if nobody owns a nokia anymore!

Would you like to see something really tasteless and funny?

I thought you might!

Have a beautiful day Y’all

Love YOU!!!


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