March 26, 2013


Keep it together maaaaaan.
hahaha Does me saying that make you wannna punch somebody?!

Or don’t keep it together. Freak the f*ck out.
I mean…

You know who is one of my fav freaks? You do now!

No doubt this is potentially dangerous astro,
but that is the condition of life itself.
Your breath is the contract you make with reality,
and after that… it’s wide open.

Control Freaks take notice, you are not going to shut anyone down today!


Does he not look like a little kid in that video, just having fun?
Iggy’s a Taurus Sun and Moon. Aries Mars Conjunct Mercury. Stamina and Power!
Venus in Pisces, Saturn Rising, Asc @29 Crab or 0 Leo, what do you think?
Lust for life? YES

Love YOU!!!


the balance of masculine and feminine is actually what Libra is all about.
As we move into the Full Moon zone, remember the best solutions offer
something to everyone, whether it’s intentional or by default…
freedom to leave or an olive branch.

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