March 25, 2015


How many Taurus are overspending and enjoying every min of it!
It’s worth it!

Not just Bulls, certainly Rams, a boat load of Pisces, some Crabs…
the list goes on…

Taurus Venus building a square to Jupiter in LEO.
~that’s some beautiful shopping!~

The key element is pleasure.



I saw Taurus Sun/Mercury, Aries Moon/Venus Stevie Wonder last night.
Libra/Neptune on the Asc.

Stevie is like the Dali Lama of music.
He spent so very much time talking about LOVE.
+ as you know, EPIC GENIUS

Mr Wonder has Jupiter in Pisces.

He makes enjoying yourself look and feel
So Good!

The Moon is in Gemini,
Great day to socialize.
Both Depth and Happiness are on tap.


Love YOU!!!


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2 Responses to March 25, 2015

  1. Tam says:

    Oh I love Stevie Wonder! You won’t believe me but I was playing “Love’s In Need Of Love Today” at work over and over today.

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