March 25, 2014


It’s a transitional moment.
Not just because of the season.
I was listening to bird songs this morning,
uplifting & nowhere near pastoral,
Birds in a cityscape

Easy to get lost for a moment…

Curtis Harding! <3
There is a vein of regret that will open up to a cavern if you’d like it…
No Thanks.
No time to take the trip!

Venus and Mars easing into a new dialog,
Follow your instincts,
tab A into slot B

Mercury très très active.

Moon square Mars is a strong push
Letters you have to write, calls you have to make,
the irreplaceable convos in the works.

Mates to entice and nests to build,
sing, listen

messages received… & so much to say
pressure to accomplish?
Or to change the dialog?

Watch as things change,
take flight, reposition…

neither easy nor elastic,
a deft light touch, an awareness that the wind is picking up…

Love YOU!!!



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