March 25, 2013, On Our Way To the Full Moon


The Moon is in Virgo today, and it’s the details,
the hang-ups and hangnails of life that may tip things over into all out war.

Watch what gets started the next few days,
because there is likely to be quite a finish.

Nothing sez Relationship Blowout Grand Finale
like a pumped up Full Moon in Libra.

Naturally Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are players,
but there isn’t anyone in the whole sky sitting this one out.
This doesn’t mean that everyone will break-up and the sky will fall.

It means situations get BLOWN OPEN rather than covered up.
Tempers are short. Keep your balance. (drive safe!)
People may not realize just how close you are to radical changes,
Or where the tipping point falls, and how little can be undone.

If you want to tackle things in a new way,
turn a new chapter, or move ahead, let that be known.

If you have come to a conclusion,
are ready for a radical departure,
or just finally to put the rubber to the road…
this is the kind of sky you need.

Stay in your body. Breathe.
It’s often the fight against acceptance of whatever is happening,
that costs us nearly as much as what is going down.
Trust Yourself

Even if there are surprises,
Full Moons are a CULMINATION.

It’s what has ALREADY been in play, brought to light.

Love YOU!!!!


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