March 23, 2015

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Aries Sun trine Retro-Saturn and Pisces Mercury pushing into Chiron.
The space between two Eclipses…

Can you reserve judgment without drowning?
I mean, can you reserve judgment while still attentively perceiving?

the nostalgia in that song!

The past is catching up,
we are somewhere else completely,
but still can’t quite get rid of it!
Even as the world is unlike anything we have previously known.

I’m not certain you are supposed to make sense of reality yet.
It’s early for analysis
Survival will do.

Not that it’s so very awful,
it’s more that the contrast has been turned up and like an old television,
the picture is skipping.

A lack of familiarity with the proper procedures,
don’t try to operate under the influence, or while your hand is asleep.

Taurus Moon, but it’s not as easy to eat as usual.
Maybe try sleeping…

So much to do tho!
that agitated undercurrent!!
It’s real!! It matters!!

Venus and Mars are strong in their rulerships, but what, exactly, to do ?
Exactly? Nothing.
Exactly has left the building.

We have approximately, imprecisely, indeterminately,
there is a whole, a HOLE, in your thinking, as you may be aware.

Knowing a whole/hole is there, knowing that the ~big picture~ is a flame.
A flame changing color, temperature, shape, bright and burning all the same.

Pain/hope is unavoidable,
A fly did just land on your strawberry,
this makes the entire thing that much less understandable.
Even if, as I’m sure you do, even if you understand it.

One foot and then the other foot. They call them steps, don’t forget to take them!
I’m sure in a way you are racing! This week could not really be busier!

Oh but here is that underwater molasses honey feeling,
could it be you have a date with the couch?!

Love YOU!!!




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3 Responses to March 23, 2015

  1. jgirl says:

    exactly has left the building – yup! having a hard time but im continuing on, with faith. saturn went retro opposing my venus, and opposing my friend’s sun. wish this aspect wasn’t happening, as of course i wonder now if this will delay everything until the end of the year, but i guess we have to trust that its all happening as its supposed to and for a reason. sigh…
    thanks for your posts, i read them faithfully and they’re always helpful. im so glad i found your blog 2 years ago.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey jgirl,

      Nice to hear from you, thanks for writing!! I’m so glad to be of help!
      I feel you on the unwanted transits. Saturn does make you prove it… worth, stability, limits, commitment, feeling it in your bones… Everything that exists has a structure, but looking at the skeleton is not always the funnest thing ever… sending love to you and your friend. xo

  2. Colleen says:

    My date with the couch included antihistamines and lozenges. 😛 So much for getting stuff done. LOL!

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