March 22, 2013


The Speed of Dreams

Where you don’t know if you are doing something, or have just thought it.

Aries is the impulse, no separation between impulse and action.
The Sun, Venus, Mars, and Uranus all in Aries,
Big Upped by Jupiter in Gemini and Squared by Pluto.
Pluto still working with Saturn.
Mercury hasn’t left Pisces, and Jupiter Squares that too.

How will we put our dreams in to action?
We can not wait for everyone to hold our hands.

and YET we must work with those we care about,
without getting held up in someone else’s drama.

Practice saying these words:

“That’s their problem.”

“I’m going to do my personal best.”

“I’ve got to try something new!”

“Freedom is the best medicine.”

“I’ll save you!”

“I’m the best!”

“I’ll drive!”

“That’s not my problem.”

“I don’t give a f*ck!”

“I’m going to WIN!”

and then go kiss an Aries!

Is it time to say all this today?

…just to yourself or practice with your bestie… I mean, you could


Boundaries are still in order, Mercury in Pisces mixes messages
and rarely are things so neat and defined.

For clarity in relationships look to the Full Moon in Libra on the 27th.

Keep your temper!
Or if you lose it, Don’t let fighting imprison you.
Don’t get locked in a stance for the sake of an argument or in order to win.
Go off on your own or with someone you trust and give yourself a pure vent.
Like a fire that burns cleanly until it is simply out of fuel.

Mercury in Pisces wants compassion and understanding.
Flexibility and acceptance is key to get anywhere at all with our goals.

Sell yourself short? NO WAY
Refuse to be flexible? No way Kitten, bend, don’t brake.

Make a mistake? Say sorry. People who can apologize are ADORED!
You are like a GOD GENIUS. People will worship you.

Try it, and find out!

Love YOU!!!



Mr Downey? ARIES ALL THE WAY! Sun, Venus, and Mercury!
You know what else he is? Captain Virgo! Mars/Pluto/Uranus
Leo ASC. Moon/Jupiter in Taurus. Did you say pleasure?

double p.s.

Bon Scott was a Cancer Sun/Saturn!Aqua ASC, North Node and Uranus in Gemini.
Mercury conjunct Pluto in LEO! Leo Venus too!
Scorp. Moon, Virgo Mars. How about that! Learn something new everyday.

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