March 18, 2014


Do we get to use the sword?!
Libra Moon and Mars collide.

Could we do SOMETHING?!
Could we blame SOMEONE?!
Could SOMEONE help us ?!
It’s not about today, it’s about our PLANS!!
For the FUTURE, it’s about getting where we are trying to go…
& Do we always have to move with one hand tied behind our backs?!

Uncertainty/Frustration level may cause a coma of inactivity
do to overload paralysis:

{~there is no way to solve this problem, so I will eat this important cake,
~No. throw the cake at the wall,~ wait that involves cleaning it up.
I’m having a drink and watching a movie.~} Movie? It’s hard to keep still long enough. Itchy and bored.

Connect with nature, connect with your own physical nature.


Can you help someone,
Can you eliminate some of the small things off your list?
Some of the things that get done easily, but are just waiting there to be finished?
If you have an idea, dream on it… but take action too…
Can you talk it over with a friend?

Connections will help you now.
~even ultra random ones~
Take a chance
We can’t make it alone.

Love YOU!!!


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