March 18, 2013


Dynamic Week!

Pivot, Shift and Turn.

If not for you, then all around you,
in so many ways that means for you too.

Mercury is DIRECT
Wednesday the Sun moves to Aries!
Thursday Venus joins the Sun and her man Mars.
Friday Mars hits Uranus! (Surprise!)
there should be a little foreshadowing there on Friday:
A glimpse ahead to the Full Moon in Libra on the 27th (game changer!)
It’s a Doozy! HOLY!!!! Epic.

We gone brake it down laterz.


For Today:

The Moon and Jupiter in Gemini:
Fun! It’s a Mutable Paradise right now!

Go ahead, change your mind!
Order three different appetizers.
Wear 5 colors!
Work out and have a cake party!

I won’t tell nobody! Oh wait, did I say Mutable Paradise…?

Actually I’ll tell EVERYBODY!
This is NEWS Kittens! This shiz is news.

If you want to go for it today, consider a letter to get you there,
like this one!

Breathe in these last few days of Pisces.
Chat, connect, enjoy,
Above all trust in yourself and your connection to the divine.

Slowly, slowly get your head straight,
steer your boat in the right direction.

The wheel is going to turn.

Talk Later?

Love YOU!!!!


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