March 17, 2014


Here you are in command central
Complete Captain of your ship,
though you may not be able to set the tides,
you can certainly hoist your sail.


Take control. It’s better that way.
Mercury splashes back among the waves.
Pisces!!! No land in sight!

It’s the last few days before we wake the god of war,
and he finds out someone has bent his bow.
How do you fight with a warped sword?

Oh it’s not easy relying on wits and words…
but is it effective?
Yes! It is!

If everyone sang to me like Delroy Wilson,
I would do just exactly whatever they wanted. SIGH…

Slippery day,
mind the details, whatev the Full Moon told you,
that’s next on the list.

a little more flow now though,
take courage, if the dolphins can swim through shark
(or should I say trash) infested waters, so can you.

The continuum of life appearing more and more strongly to me lately,
remember way back when we were getting high like ordinary teenage dolphins?

I mean,

~The world, whatever we might think about it, terrified by its vastness and by our helplessness in the face of it, embittered by its indifference to individual suffering – of people, animals, and perhaps also plants, for how can we be sure that plants are free of suffering; whatever we might think about its spaces pierced by the radiation of stars, stars around which we now have begun to discover planets, already dead? still dead? – we don’t know; whatever we might think about this immense theater, to which we may have a ticket, but it is valid for a ridiculously brief time, limited by two decisive dates; whatever else we might think about this world – it is amazing. – WisÅ‚awa Szymborska via whiskey river~


Love YOU!!!



It’s not really time for all the bullies to win,
the way it was last year,
or if they win now, it’s the battle, not the war.

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