March 15, 2013


Moon hits the South Node in Taurus Today,
Old habits of comfort are reenacted

Taurus is ruled by Venus, think physical pleasure, desire, and…

It’s opposed by Retro Saturn, and so old connections, old responsibilities…

Who were you supposed to be?

and do you want that now?

Aries Mars Conjunct Uranus takes no prisoners:
You are going to move ahead dammit! You are going to move ahead.

Easy Tiger.

Go head and take care of what’s on your mind Aries Style
That is, catch and release:
Think of it, do it, done.

Unless it’s complicated,

then uhhhh….moustacheyouaquestion_thumb
Mercury hits Neptune,

for a final dose of VISIONARY or is it delusionary insight,
Could be either.

Synchronicity or out of Sync
Pay attention to what people are saying this weekend,
and especially Sunday/Monday

Wait on it until Monday, if it’s way important.

We still have the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Chiron, and Neptune in Pisces
Enjoy it. Being open is still favored, it won’t last long…

A little bit of glamour can be just the thing!

I think this is the most Pisces Science Biology Reality Ever!

We are literally inhabited by other people!
And so very much more permeable than was previously thought.
Imagine! It’s real!

Oh Science!
Sometimes you catch up to the abstract craziness, we suspected all along.

Have a Beautiful Weekend!

Love YOU!!!


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