March 14, 2016


Such a strange moment in time!
I who am barely political at all (don’t hate! and YES I voted! You vote too!) am suddenly riveted as a watch my country both unravel and energize.

Big Plans in the works for many signs, + plenty of Pisces peeps strapping on their big girl/boy pants & boots, going ambitiously forth, despite regrets and unravelings.


There seems to be quite a few logistics to solve.
Wouldn’t we rather go back to bed, and ignore them?
No such luck.

That’s a Virgo North Node conjunct Jupiter opposite South Node on Chiron situation.
There will be plenty of ugly for us to look at,
if we want progress, we don’t really get to look away.

Mutable Cross in the sky scatters our energy, Saturn pinches the Moon.
What is your moral responsibility?

Gemini Moon talks and Saturn in Sag, tries on a big picture perspective.

Can we skirt the issues?

We can try….

and yet, much as I love Mavis, it may make that difference.

One life to live, and every moment, including this one, no matter how you feel, you are deeply and fully alive. Use what you got to get what you want?

Not this time. Sincerity. Honesty. Love.

Love YOU!!!


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