March 13, 2014


Little bit of an edge as you try to do what’s next on your list.

That puts my heart in my mouth every time!
Don’t close your eyes and hope for the best…
Oh No! Stay on it.

Leo Moon
but for best results Virgo it up,
as that is where the Full Moon falls.

Don’t leave it to chance or save it for later.
Move down your list with authority.
What is next for you to do?

Address: do not avoid.

It feels good when you do it.
Get off my back monkey! I’m handling THIS!!!

Love YOU!!!



I finally watched Pacific Rim last night.
I loved nearly every single thing about it.


Could there be a more Neptune in Pisces,
Pluto in Capricorn,
Uranus in Aries, movie?!
City destruction, Building new inconceivable war machines?!
Mind melding, an ocean full of monsters?!

Just beautiful, says my mars/merc/neptune!
I also loved how the protagonists were kind.
Some very Pisces warriors those ones…

double p.s.
Director Guillermo del Toro
Is a Libra Sun/Mercury, with Pluto/Uranus/Venus in Virgo,
Leo Mars, Sagittarius Moon! Retrograde Saturn in Aquarius!
North Node in Gemini.


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