March 12, 2014


Little bit of a hold up on the champagne delivery service…

Easy day to pitch a fit about the problems of someone else.
Bad behavior?

Certainly, thanks for asking!
Laugh as much as you can, we need the medicine!

Leo Moon tagged by Chiron as the day wears on.
It’s not unworkable,
but everything you do has a little more weight than is altogether pleasant.
Still no go-around, the way out is through.

Saturn Squares Mercury,
what sort of an excuse can you come up with for not dealing?

well none really, or
none believable.

Champagne is pretty nice even if you have to get it yourself.
Sometimes the best moments with friends have a backdrop of pain.

Intimacy of connection,
a warmth that shelters you,
like music playing in a dreamy dark bar on a Saturday night.

Will it help us to forget that Sunday Morning is coming?
Not this time.

Do what you can do,
then let go of it.

Your attraction to your own pain is a paradox,
there is something to learn, or we would never look at all,
yet picking scabs only makes scars thicker.

Don’t fret.

find closeness where you can.

Love YOU!!!


perfect video for today provided by Moon Bounce,
but do not watch if you don’t like
shocking claymation violence.
If you can roll with that sort of thing, it will make you smile.

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3 Responses to March 12, 2014

  1. Sabina says:

    After she did that to the cat, what did she expect? The porn sequence was too funny. I lovelovelove claymation.

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey Sabina,

    So funny, right? Such a good illustration of how someone’s small level awfulness can provoke our own epic level awfulness. Such a shocker when he stabs her, I burst out laughing! Should I admit that?! Too late now. Thanks for writing! xox

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