March 12, 2013


Mars in Aries: Suddenly you do not have to apologize for being effective.


Howevs watch out for traffic accidents, seriously!
We are all both impulsive and spacey: danger danger!
Mars in Aries = classic hothead, very reactive!

Social blunders too, abstract (Pisces) minds,
and a racing pulse can have you enacting the strangest dramas,
you make your move without thinking….
whoops too late!

Still, gotta get on it, get to it…
You now have received official special dispensation!
You are allowed to cut to the chase…

Be pragmatic though, and trust your instincts
Peeps could out wit you by disappearing or
you wouldn’t pick a fight with a sweet helpless little puppy now would you, I mean would you?

Yeah Pisces is still holding most of the cards here, but you CAN act!

Time to rescue kittens from trees and and catch evildoers.
Mars in Aries loves to be a hero, go ahead, save the day!

Help maidens climb down from towers where they have been locked up by the evil queens.
Even and especially if that maiden is you!

Set something free in your heart!

…and on the real,
with the Moon Void of Course in Aries, bouncing by Mars and Uranus:

Love YOU!!!!


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