March 11, 2013 New Moon in Pisces


New Moon in Pisces today!

Watch this:

A chance to embrace mystery and activate your faith!

Mars into Aries tomorrow, tipping into a more fast paced and dynamic time.

We maybe swimming in circles, a little,
it’s not completely ON until Mercury goes direct, but even now,
I can feel action, just waiting to happen.

and a live version with everyone….

One thing leads to another, and with Pluto and Saturn making it real,
have faith that your steps will lead you where you want to go….

stay true to your heart, and open. Wide Open.


-But that’s what the real lie consists of, that’s the crime: lying to oneself, being in disharmony with one’s own truth, one’s own innermost knowledge of things, as revealed through one’s consciousness. Objectivity, in fact, means just this: to be in harmony with one’s own subjectivity, not to lie to oneself.— Eugene Ionesco,

Love YOU!!!!!


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