March 10, 2016


The Moon is conjunct Uranus in Aries, squared by Saturn, trined by Jupiter.

How can things move so slow and so fast?!

How are you fairing in the time between the Eclipses?
Almost a country rather than an interval,

Sure the changes are real, (what else could they be?)
but all the same, there’s no gravity in the spaceship.

Pisces Mercury conjuct Neptune + Sun conjunct Chiron means it hurts,
but it’s hard to tell if you feel it.

Is some part of you a little numb?

Emotional growing pains and actual physical accidents, constructive losses of all kinds.
The anesthesia has not fully worn off.

Our lives play out, as if behind a wall or veil that won’t fully lift
until the 21st through the 23rd of March,
when our next Eclipse and the Sun/Mercury conjunct in Aries shocks us up up and awake.

Between then and now we float, rapidly altering our life and our luck,
encountering difficulty as though in a dream.

Somehow removed, like a story you heard and agreed to play a long with.
just for a little

Will you wake up and wonder ~ what have I agreed to? What have I/haven’t I done?!~

And, somehow, more than other corporeal manifestations,
don’t trees seem like a simple description of time?
So tall as though somehow wise, with rings to mark experience, the years

As if god wanted to show to demonstrate what exactly it was,
A Tree as a clock. All trees as time’s witness.

What do you know, and what do you imagine about the life of trees?
One thing I found deeply worth knowing was that trees send sap to the stumps of their departed friends. Think about that when leaving flowers on a grave.

Is there anything alive in this life that somehow does not resonate? No matter how foreign the design of our exterior, would it even be possible to be alien in this world? Is it not just a vast resonance? A note struck, or part of a symphony, a concerto endlessly vibrating according to our nature?

By tomorrow the Moon will have crossed into Taurus.
Earthly pleasure, it’s all right there, Venus teeters in Aquarius, on the edge of Pisces,
by Saturday she falls in. A Venus Mars square from Pisces to Sagittarius.
To do:
have sex outdoors.
On a blanket says the Taurus Moon, and with a picnic.

Of course with the Venus/Mars square a red ant might bite your bottom.
It’s possible you fixate on the lettuce in your lover’s teeth, or the perceived inequality of a situation. In other words, an angry subtext, frustration.

For the best results, use your big picture mind.
Tap into to what you know of your expansive heart.

Grow rich and strong in connections, to what can not be seen.
Now is the perfect moment to align your spirit. To love and believe.

Love YOU!!!!



of all things, Mercury would be covered in Graphite!
The planet that rules communication, is covered in a thick layer of pencil lead!


~ As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul
– Hermes Trismegistus ~

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  1. lindarivervalente says:

    covered in graphite!! Perfection!

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