March 1, 2013 Redux


On a level of one to insanity,
how bad is that pining thing going?

How much time are you spending on things/people/places that don’t, let’s just say,
exist. At least not in your life, not right now.

Call them. Go there. Or let it go.
There is nothing like a confrontation with reality
to dissipate whatev you thought was going down.

If you are really not going to engage: sometimes by far the wisest choice,
the key is always to unveil the symbolism.

What would be true if you were there or with them?

With Mercury Retrograde in Pisces,
longing is inevitable, Moon in Scorpio pours the gasoline,
and fans the flames, what can satisfy you now?
And if you can’t be satisfied, you are free!

(cracks up!)

Love YOU!!!!


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