Lovefool, Bora Bora

Can you feel the energy building like grinding wheels,
and the gears not able to fully turn.


I’m nearly ready to toss the whole nut studded cheese ball that is my life in to the trash and stalk off to Bora Bora.

Who’s with me?

Oh but I can’t! I’ve worked so hard to get here, and here is only 1/4 of the way to there… and I’m entangled with so many lives

Oh I wanna do right… it’s just that…..(goddamn it!)

Feel me?

The gears are going to turn, faster faster!

Friday, Saturday

Uranus goes forward, Eclipse and whooosh!

Wow So that’s what we all did!

Things Move

They do in fact happen.

Cause and Effect Y’all, it never gets old.

Just how delusional are you? Neptune is surely dealing Aces to someone and the rest of us…. well we should have known…

Kisses! and Hugs today too.

Keep it together Y’all


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3 Responses to Lovefool, Bora Bora

  1. ASTROCAT says:

    I got a nut studded cheese ball 4 ya!

  2. zuddism says:

    Turns out Bora Bora is chock full of nut studded cheese balls…

  3. o_lightning says:

    ummmmm…. thanks guys…

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