Lou is Gone, October 28, 2013


It’s the kind of week for your life to change.
Next week? Even more so.

Face it as freely as possible.

Lou Reed died.


It’s almost as if he died to punctuate the end of an era.
Of course that’s not it, he was just a man with a life,
but when God moves so deeply through a man and his music…
… His death becomes a symbol that resonates and rings the bell not only of his life,
but of our own.

What besides music can shape the consciousness of generations?
Charlie Parker, James Brown, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix,
Stevie Wonder, Lou Reed, Dr Dre
(and so many more!)
these men changed American music, and American music spills over everywhere.
What travels faster than a New American sound?

Visionaries show up as needed.

I always loved that Lou got together with Laurie Anderson in his later years.
They look so right.

The first instant I heard the ubiquitous alt hit ~Rock and Roll~
blasting from the kitchen on a Saturday, I was 14, and at boarding school.
As I followed the music in, I had never before been more amazed
then I was at that moment.
He was singing my life, and it was so beautiful.
Her life was saved by rock and roll.

My friend James soon gave me a copy of this and I never looked back.

Lou had such Heart, for everyone! And his Critique was very sharp!

An epic Pisces, with a Virgo Moon.
A writer as much as a musician, and very much both with Mercury & Venus in Aquarius.
that Aquarian love of freedom, that states:
~there is nothing here to defend: I am as I am~ get over yourself.
When you hear him talk, watch his Jupiter in Gemini come out!
Saturn, conjunct Lilith, Uranus conjunct Mars, all in Taurus.
Philosophic, fierce, & kind.

Something I have always loved about Lou was his creative freedom. He never stopped making music.
He made it all, profound, terrible, mind blowing, precise, messy.

The wake of Lou’s life and his death at this moment is tremendous.
I can’t believe he won’t coming with us.

What comes next?


~I do Lou Reed better than anybody~
Lou Reed

What he said: That’s what we are after.
You do you, better than anybody.

Love YOU!!!



We will talk astrology tomorrow,
Strategy is still key: Manners and your game face.
Plenty going on behind the scenes.
If you are confused, stop and listen, if you need out, get out.

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  1. Jen says:

    Bye Lou, you will be missed
    …thanks for the tribute Omie. Hugsxoxo

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