Looking at the New Moon, 25th of August, 2014


Venus and Jupiter in LEO square off against Mars and Saturn in Scorpio.

The good guys vrs the bad guys?
With Merc. in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces, it’s nothing so clear.

Leo season nears it’s end.
It went so fast! Too fast!

Leo and Aries swept us away, along the road, over a steep precipice,
& now that we are here, on some sort of intermediary embankment,
Virgo is going to make the analysis.

(mercury there now, the sun by late night the 22nd )


~So there are errands and hours
when you hear your own breath –

or feel my breath coming from within you –
and register the haunt of cicadas

summering under the porch. So there is time
spooking off into the wings.

These are going to be big surgeries, bloody
gauzes of conditions, when loss

must be measured, and then
there are the outcomes, the calls

that must be made. Wouldn’t we all like to avoid
being the reason for anguish, to understand

why it’s so easy to cut ourselves
on our own edges?~
– Margot Schilpp via whiskey river


The New Moon in Virgo on the 25th puts me in mind of last year’s
New Moon in Virgo, on September 5th 2013.

& the aftermath too..

I hope it’s not so brutal as that one!
Mars conjunct Saturn this time,
rather than Square each other as they were on the 5th,

Pluto’s rules for Mars and Saturn
What does Captain Capricorn have in mind?
I’m hoping it leans toward stern, rather than cruel.


Still, Venus in Leo does not look happy here.
The square from Mars/Saturn and Chiron inconjunct.
Ow! My pride hurts just looking at it.
Set your pride down.
This is not the moment.

The word we all use for inconjuncts:

Still, Uranus gives Venus a trine, and Jupiter is in shouting distance.
It does require a break with the past in order to move ahead.
The random element is key, for good or ill.

A push to think outside the box.

New Moons are beginnings by nature,
but there is clearly some wrap-up involved in this baby.

Finality, along certain lines.
The new normal?

Mercury rules the Lunation, and there is some relief in that,
even with Neptune opposing. Compassion, + Common Sense for the Win.
Could be an easy slide into feeling like a victim.
Skip it.
Logic, and responsibility are your friends in this scenario.

If you want to solve a problem, have at it.
That’s Virgo’s specialty.

Debts will be called in.
Precedents set.

Love YOU!!!


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3 Responses to Looking at the New Moon, 25th of August, 2014

  1. connelly567 says:

    It does require a break with the past in order to move ahead…..

    This new moon is in my 10th house. My beloved boss unepectedly quit this month and while sad and confused, I think it’s a beginning. Saturn will be crossing my AC in December and next year, Jupiter will conjunct my MC. This could be the start of something big…even at my age.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey connelly567,

      That does sound about right. 🙂 Jupiter up top! Yeah!
      I think it feels like a kind of real victory to have Saturn cross your AC. To get the boundaries out in the open. xo

      • I’m a Libra, need I say that boundaries opening up would be a welcome change and I do feel I have survived and Saturn will reward. Love, love, love your posts and the art work is spectacular and reflective of your personality.

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