Looking Ahead to Saturn Direct


The big news is that Saturn goes direct at 9 degrees Sagittarius on the evening of the 12th of August.

It’s his MASSIVE role in a very divided sky that makes it more of a pivot than usual.
Without listing planet after planet, let’s say that he is directly impacting everyone except Pluto, & indirectly impacting Pluto. So that’s everyone and everything.

What will Mars/Saturn in Sagittarius permit?
Initially, not much. You have to wait.

If I tell you that sacrifices will be made, I expect you to respond with
~ don’t I know it! ~

Neptune and the Benefics is/are not only the name of my new rock band,
they also stand holding the door open on the Virgo/Pisces axis as an avenue of slim but probable possibility.

Saturn direct will show you the direction.
A path is in the works.

The manner in which Jupiter/Venus/Mercury finishes out the end of August/beginning of September doesn’t describe failure, but all the same, what we have: an extended Venus/Saturn square is painful, and that Mars/Saturn conjunction is no joke.

Yes it will all, or much of it, be better in Libra, but the short answer is that we are called on to fix this first.
Pluto sends extra power to the Virgo pile up.

Plenty of tension today. But you begin to see how it’s unlikely to last forever.
If you are waiting on someone or something to open up, if you need an avenue to succeed, a way to take the next step, a chance… most likely, won’t turn around today, but there IS something, watch, wait, listen, ask, move the puzzle in your mind freely, and look for the opening. Someone wants to help you, somehow, awkwardly, under duress, and ever a challenge, is there a way you might help them too?

If you are longing for progress you may begin to see how it could shift, and soon.
All the same, Saturn will be well advanced into October before he stops questioning every move, and distributing a laundry list of fears and problems before you even begin.

Pursue your goals, key word :::flexibly:::
The angel is in the details here, so watch them if you want to fly.
…and the devil?

There he is, angry, stubborn, cavalier, pompous, judgemental.
To win, take the high road, humbly, patient, nothing to prove,

Infinitely willing to do it over,
to keep track of the minutia,
helpful and sincerely asking for help wherever you need it.
Go ahead and over-explain.

Be yourself. Unapologetically
Show your cards.

Love YOU!!!!


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3 Responses to Looking Ahead to Saturn Direct

  1. Jupiter will be entering my sign, Libra, next month. Can this help with the Saturn (transiting my first house) complications?

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey connelly5677,
      Thanks for writing! Yes it can help. Saturn is always contracting, asking us to “get it together” Jupiter is expanding offering us an opening or a way out. When you have Jupiter going through your Sun sign, it is always a year that brings the possibility of the early beginning of major gifts, it’s up to you take the steps, but it gives you an opening, a way out if you are looking for one, while Saturn in the first suggests you face authority and become authority. Jupiter wants you to be your best self and helps you to have a shot at it, really they both do, having them so prominent in your chart is a big year for you. Step up time. 🙂 Of course i both cases it will depend on how they are aspected in your chart. xox

      • connelly567 says:

        Thanks for the clarification. I do know this: I’d like a “way out” of my job but at present, Saturn is over ruling it. Still, I like the idea of becoming “authority”. Maybe that will be the Jupiter part of the equation.

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