Libra New Moon September 30, 2016


A beautiful opportunity?

Our New Moon arrives on September 30, at 8 degrees Libra.
Libra is ruled now by a Scorpio Venus, who trines Neptune and sextiles Pluto and the North Node.
It’s not casual, not superficial, and not evil.

What beauty, what strategic beginnings, and partnerships?

Pluto Direct and our Pisces Eclipse raised the issues.
Wake up to the deeper reality, penetrate the opaque?
Yes we did.




Now what?

Dress well, you may want to impress someone, be prepared.

The Lunation is conjunct a newly minted Libra Jupiter,
and square a fresh Capricorn Mars.

You begin to work wherever you have to, while weighing, balancing.

You may even be passionate enough to end OR deepen relationships,
as you invest in something new.

What are the chances?

It’s an opportunity delivery, but not fresh, fast and on a silver platter.

An opening.

Take your best shot.


Try for it.

You are not wrong to think this moment is deep.

Worth finding:
your self-control, an awareness of subtext, and the ability to be precise.

To be clear:

You don’t want to hold back.
You do want to hit the target.

If you make a choice there may be some longevity.

People may be a little judgy. Shake it off.
And in fact,
Judgement is called for, use yours.




Jupiter expands indiscriminately, and yet he offers his own expansive benediction.
If you choose poorly you may land well, and if you choose well, you may do quite a bit better than that.
It’s good luck if you lose, and better luck if you win.


Prospects and projects to come to life,
fear is momentarily alleviated,
goals are set like stars in the firmament, and we orient toward them.

Saturn is now ruled by Jupiter, and in turn by Venus, who then looks to Mars, and Mars to Saturn.

We will have diligence or nothing.
Long term dreams can be set in motion.

A wide penetrating glance is cast over our alliances.
Those that continue will be made to work.

Open up, with a view to your future.





Love YOU!!!!


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