Libra New Moon 2015

Showgirls playing chess between shows at Latin Quarter Nightclub

Showgirls playing chess between shows at Latin Quarter Nightclub

New Moon in Libra perfecting as I write this.


Libra is not a sign who wants to own how angry they are,
to own who they have used against whom,
(and for what),
to celebrate what a large hand they had in the proceedings.

It’s lonesome in the control tower

A gift for strategy.

Virgo often plays the same cards, to less of an advantage and for alternate reasons.

They made me, it’s not my fault.
I only did this because you did that.

The subtle art of provocation is pure Libra.

The Sun Moon, Mercury and the North Node are in Libra.

Virgo claims Venus, Mars and Jupiter,
So between Pisces Neptune and Sag. Saturn, our impulses and opportunities are martyred.
Our loves and desires, are at best ~ in the service of~
at worst, utterly squandered.

I saw some things in the dark of the moon that I hope to never see again.

Progress tho?
Yes, truly.

A productive weekend?
It kind of was.

Friends and Enemies.
Who threw who under the bus?

Move along now.
Your life is rising up once more to claim you.

Love YOU!!!


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  1. Tam says:

    I hope you doing ok! <3

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