Libra Full Moon March 28, 2021 Simple ‘Scopes & a Podcast


You may feel a pinch. I do believe this is what it takes to be effective. Enemies and partners of all kinds are highlighted for this one. The truth is not exactly on display, so don’t expect it. Not yet.


You gotta be wondering what’s happening behind the scenes… I mean you really really do… Work, Health, Career… and make money, make money… that’s where your eyes are. Your heart? Your heart is asking for a dream.


You do have the power. Play fair. The world turns on your axis this week. Don’t lose sleep over what you hear. It will all come out in the wash.


These are pretty big undercurrents. Head up, keep swimming. We are not going to forecast the entire rest of our lives from this moment. Self control. Do your bit. Let the chips fall, and wait and see who cleans up.


What’s going on with your travel plans or future goals? Despite confusion something is pulling you forward. It’s a bit like the awkward stage of a haircut, it’s going to grow out into something beautiful. Time is emphasized… take time.


Monetary tipping point? or is it more about priorities? Don’t believe everything you are told. What is the point of what is owed. To whom do you align yourself? Where are you connected?


If you want to lose your temper, and you might want to… regarding romance, regarding children, regarding your creations… Let someone else do it for you. This is not at all the end of the story. What’s beautiful is seeing you play the right cards at the right time. It looks confused, but it’s not.


Keep a notebook by your bed this week and see if you can capture your dreams… There is plenty you are trying to tell yourself. How you share what you have is fundamental, you may be able to meet whatever needs you decide are important. Give yourself a minute to assess.


Still uncertain where home is, not even sure if you need to know. You may not. You seem to have given a bit of your power away, and I wonder how you like that? For sure you are learning something worth knowing. The small picture has the details, and Keys are often quite small.


It’s a Vulnerability versus Accomplishment: hand to hand combat death match, per usual. Try something different. Since you know you don’t know, don’t guess, just breathe. Don’t conclude, keep living the questions.


Ok sure your boat is still rocking, but these choppy seas are taking you to some sort of island, and it does appear you have a hot air balloon or helicopter or something… you’re not free, but you are in motion, and soon you will be stronger because you haven’t given up.


What’s your vision? And where is the money? Try to craft a view of the future as wide as a bridge and as solid. Make a good long one with spots along the way to rest and sleep. This transition is not only a fairytale, it’s a symbolic landscape.

Love YOU!!!


this one goes out to Pisces Merc/Neptune go ‘head and click on over to youtube so you can watch this!


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