Let’s take the day off

I mean, we maybe can’t really take it off,

but let’s let the results roll in

and not stress it.

We are in motion, and there will be, there are changes,

so ok.

The lyrics in these are perfect.

and I’ve loved Fabrizio Moretti’s voice forever.

Summer is the best time in the world if you are me

….and these songs are so summery

Do you suppose the name Little Joy comes from the bar in L.A. ?

it’s a nice divey kinda place….

if you need something,
try asking this evening, nicely

let your new idea appear, today, tomorrow

and follow it to a new conclusion.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


p.s. how was your eclipse??? tell me about it in the comments!

Love YOU!!!


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5 Responses to Let’s take the day off

  1. M says:

    Ummmm, messed up. Involving ambulances and arguements. 🙁

  2. o_lightning says:

    That doesn’t sound good. Ambulances and arguments are both mars/mercury ruled. I hope everyone is ok now.

  3. o_lightning says:

    Eclipses can come along and force a point.

  4. Alexis Hurley says:

    i went to work but took it so chill and had a great kinda sexy day anyway with my mind on my music and my music on my mind and sex.

  5. o_lightning says:

    Alexis, that sounds jussst fine.

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