Let’s all get smarter!

Let’s all get smarter!

Mercury conjuncts Uranus today, and Venus moves in to Taurus.
Let’s get smarter, more beautiful, and have another cookie.

Why does Taurus always mean home made cookies and cashmere sweaters to me?
And with Venus there, shouldn’t we have $ bulging in our pockets
and lots of each!?

I’m in Fairfax CA, visiting my all time favorite chica.
She is such a beautiful mama, and I get to feed her and hold the new baby!
I’m lucky. I’m going to cook big meals and snuggle my sweethearts.

Venus is very happy to be in Taurus.
She doesn’t like to be rushed.
She wants to kiss for hours, she wants to spend the day in bed or in the kitchen,
or you know, back and forth.

She wants items of lasting value. No cheap plastic baubles.
Venus in Taurus craves real gold!

….and curling up on the couch to watch classic movies,
did someone say fresh fruit or ice-cream, can we have both ?

With Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries today,
it may be possible to cut through a world of nonsense.
To see with X-ray vision.
To suddenly have it all stand out in your mind in stark relief.

On the flip side, people may be suddenly hot tempered
They may speak with out thinking. Violent emails may be sent!
it wouldn’t be the first time…

but you know the drill baby, walk, don’t run…
drive slow..

Let your self learn. That’s what were here for. Innovate.
Trust yourself.

Oh! La Luna is (finally) in LEO, and with that Venus in Taurus

See, be seen, dress up in comfy clothes! Enjoy!

Love YOU!!!


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  1. M says:

    Oh, so THAT’S what it is! (You are always so right on.)

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