Let the Massive Retrogrades of 2016 Begin!


Mercury retro now for real, along with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.
Problems that have not yet been solved demand your attention.
Reality closing in the manner of a vise, tight, tighter.

A slow fix, with genuine effort required.
Making measurements for the future.

Does your heart turn to people you used to know,
and (ouch!) the way things used to be?
Who shows up once again to relive the unraveling?


Over the next 3 months remember,
it’s not necessarily about the specific people themselves.
They carry the symbolism that you will use to shape your way forward…

Something at the core you need to know, again, again.

By the end of today Venus moves to Taurus, some slow sweetness will be afforded to those who lend an open sense to the caress.


Love YOU!!!


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4 Responses to Let the Massive Retrogrades of 2016 Begin!

  1. Oh shit, 3 MONTHS of this!?

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Django,

      Nice to hear from you! It won’t be continuous but def waves of of hectic… it’s the mutable cross too, keeping us busy! Thinking of you! <3

  2. That’s Life!!–Bring it on, so when it’s over we can Move On–:-))

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