Leo to Virgo with Heart and Precision

I think that Lions in general might feel they were better suited to
riding, rather than being ridden.
Is Virgo really Leo’s handmaiden?
In a way, perhaps,
but it is just as true that you need Virgo’s mastery to bring Leo’s talent to fruition.

editing, discernment, wheat from chaff…

Perhaps in the light of the current Astro we are talking about creating plans,
ways to progress in your life.
… or you could just clean the fridge.. (laughs..)

Can you bring your dreams closer by mastering the details?

Virgo is the Magician, synthesizing ideas into matter
by way of the details.

Taking care of biz takes care of you: Magic!

Moon is still in Leo today.
No Surprise that Lunar Leo’s have a talent for emotional drama…
warmhearted too

Where do you radiate? What makes you hott?

Have any love to share?

I heart Leos so deeply! They are Magnificent! And Generous!

(Hey little Virgos I heart you too!)

Moon’s in Leo today, Virgo this weekend.

This is Micaela Flores Amaya, known as La Chunga

So Leo! So Virgo!,
Virgo is after all an earth sign, not just a smarty pants!
Note the bare feet (Virgo) and Leo hair.
maybe a sprinkle of devil may care Sagg?
or a Gemini/Sagg opposition? could Taurus be involved?

This excerpt is from a site on famous Gypsies, I could not find an author

“Even though “La Chunga” is known worldwide as a Flamenco dancer, her mention here is as a Romany painter. Grown-up in Barcelona, she was first a talented dancer since her childhood, and later she began to paint by spontaneous inspiration. Her “shining naïf” style was praised by Picasso, who said of her: “How can it be possible that a Gipsy girl without studies expresses such a sensibility and colours in her paintings…”. She has also featured as cinema actress. She has been awarded the Golden Medal of the Fine Arts Circle of Madrid, and other prizes.”
Her paintings are simple and somehow intriguing…

Ah, but look at her eyes! Scorp, maybe…?
Interesting right?
Unfortunately no birth info could be found…

In contrast, her predecessor,
another very famous dancer flamenco dancer from Barcelona,
also last name Amaya. So polished, so precise!

The name Amaya is said to mean Night Rain in Arabic

Carmen Amaya, born in 1914, a Scorpio
with Jupiter and the Moon in Capricorn.
Depth, Precsion, Mastery. She had Mars in Cancer which is known as it’s detriment,
but look at the feeling she puts into her motions! Mars in Cancer is an passionate Mars! Venus in Libra. What a beauty!

These women have Duende
You know, Soul.
One should never talk of these things without mentioning
Lorca’s essay on Duende

You can read it here:

So good!

This cut too, an old favorite, with heart and precision.



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