Leo New Moon 2015


About to enter Lion Level 14000
I mean ummm… our New Moon on the morning of the 14th.
We have the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars in the only sign that brings us light.

The heart, from which blood renews itself
the center we circle, the warmth to survive.

We are all in a Sun cult now, and Scorpio is here to measure the depths of authenticity.

No free rides, no easy way out,
but look, some generosity is enacted, as Venus touches the refreshed Sun and Moon,
and trines the Rebel with genius surprises that cut one thing from another.

If you are being separated, it’s in your best interest to rejoice.

What could be next?


A High Drama New Beginning
that ummm…seriously tests your patience.

You can’t start for real while clinging on to what might have been,
or who you used to be.

You can’t control how you are seen,
or if your audience values your work.

Themes of competition, insecurity, re-evaluation

Whole lotta Kings and Queens,
better give EVERYBODY a throne!

In working out the kinks, sincerity/or lack of, is the everything.
The stellium in Leo + Virgo Jupiter make it so.

Speaking of, all Mutable Signs have epic hypocrisy potential built right in,
I say this as someone with full on Gemini!!!
Self acceptance, Self awareness, watch yo mouf.

Lions, refresh yourselves.
Commit once again to your life.

and where you have Leo in your chart…
You know the drill.
re-boot. Begin again from your core.

Authenticity is currency of the most valuable kind.

and yet, in this moment too….
Politeness for the win.

Dust off your sense of humor, you’ll need it.

Love YOU!!!!!



plus so often these days… sort of a Mercury Storm vibe in the air…
That high test Uranian energy makes computers and convos go sideways

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4 Responses to Leo New Moon 2015

  1. Colleen says:

    New moon conjunct natal moon at 21 Leo. Enjoying my recent psychological breakthrough. Will probably turn a few heads tonight (one way or the other). LOL! This healing thing is wonderful. I should do it more often. 😉

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Colleen!!
      SO HAPPY TO HEAR IT!! Hope you had a blast!!! <3

      • Colleen says:

        Literally. 😛 Mere hours after I had posted that, another ‘landmine’ blew up in my head (aka unhealed trauma triggered by innocuous comment). I am so done with this. :/

        Thanks for the good wishes, anyway. 🙂 I at least had a good week.

  2. jgirl says:

    amazing new moon. amazing sun/venus conjunction on Saturday. I spent the day with my love and we absolutely had a new beginning. we will see how things go as sun squares Saturn and moon touches Saturn in scorpio for the last time this month. its definitely a time of reinvention and rebuilding structures, or wiping them out and starting with a clean slate.

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