Happy Birthday Lions!

Get outta your head!

Y’all should be able to start feeling more like yourselves, all ready to rrrrrawwrrrrr.

I mean ROAR!
Now you can rock n roll, and get on with it.
Let’s have some LION LOVE.




All planets do indeed revolve around the SUN.
Now you know that’s right.









did I mention drama?

For Leos, everything they love is the BEST.
and if they love you, you are the BEST too!
Leo’s are happy to generously include you in their magnificence!

Never mind the few who suck all the air out of the room,
Let’s consider those who bring the party to LIFE!

Man I love LEO!

I got mars and merc. in Lion so I would…



Leo is a Fixed Fire sign.
That means a steady warmth you can count on.
Leo is the sign of performing, CREATIVITY, children, romance
Living your life as a novel to be written.
or better yet
Always playing at a Theater Near You!!

Leo: the MOVIE!!!!


from tearful reconciliations and enduring love,
to stormy walkouts, fiery tempestuous star-crossed lovers,
dark nights of lonely desolation,
the creative highs and lows of our as yet unsung hero,
passionate sex, Artistic Triumph! windblown hair,
an incredible soundtrack by a-list artists,
the most amazing set designers known to man and fantabulous costumes!

All Leos need an audience, even the quiet ones!!!
Especially The quietest ones!
It’s a symbiotic relationship, the audience needs a LEO!!!

Here is some vintage Banderas, pure Leo!

This cut has violence, in case you don’t want to see.

Antonio = LEO Sun, Aries Moon and Jupiter in Sag.

and Selma? Virgo Hottie with Venus and Mars in Lioness.

Listen, all Leos need proper care and feeding!

That means, if you are a LEO,
make sure you have someone to worship and adore you!
Worship might be a one way street headed your way,
but you can do adoration back.

If not a person, check out Leo’s and their pets.
Nobody does little dogs or cats like a Leo.

Lions who feel unappreciated or who doubt their own worth
can get up to some serious nonsense.

You need a credible witness for your absolute stunning prowess and magnificence!

Plus having a love object is good for you,
it reminds you not to eat the whole pie,
you gotta save some for your sweetie!

A Leo also needs perfect hair (crown) glamorous clothes (royal robes) and your undivided attention!

Check out accommodating Libra Peter Tosh, with Uber-Leo Mick Jagger!

what a crack up!

p.s. word to the wise:

As a Leo you need to feel that your life is making a difference.
Especially these last 7 years, when Pluto in Capricorn threw that curve ball that become your life.

It’s 2024 when Pluto gets to Aqua.

Leo must make a passionate HELPFUL contribution.
It’s a change from being the pure Rock Star you imagined,
although it’s not to say that you won’t make your contribution,
by being a Rock Star.

It’s saying that the fame is not enough on it’s own.

You realized you have a gift for helping others and it won’t do to see it squandered.

Not the life of Pure Glamor you imagined, but one infinitely more rewarding.



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