Leo Full Moon take 2, Sun/Moon/Saturn, Jupiter Retro


The time it takes…
That thing people kept saying a few years back, about the juice and the squeeze.

Longing for something akin to light-speed,
to have experience suddenly streak past,
so all we have to do is brace ourselves and prepare to be gone.


My Neptunian Slip, my Uranian Signature is showing…
Can we skip this bit?
If I close my eyes will it all be over?
Can I get to the part where I am not kneeling?


It’s not that I don’t have progress,
I do,
I have exactly as much as I have earned.

I want icing, not cake only,
sure I consider how blessed I am to have ingredients, I do!
to have learned to bake what I like.

I’ll have all the icing I make .

If I receive treasure now, it’s merit based, why should it not be…


He will come back
and soon, mark the 6th of March on your calendar.

Meanwhile, go practice a kindness that no one deserves.

Love YOU!!!


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  1. Tam says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

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