Scatterbrained today! Moon In Gemini

I was going to do a recap of our main Astro themes right now…

The Eclipse ( no it’s not over) highlighting where we are at.

Venus Retro bringing old loves back,

and causing us to review and

assess our values, money, and ‘course love itself!

Uranus in Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn:

Changing the structure of just about everything:
This will only increase!


This summer! Lookout!

Saturn on and on in Libra until October,

…and those Saturn lessons becoming unavoidably evident

Again, what do you value?

Is it practical? Is it balanced?

Do you receive enough?

Do you give enough?

Are you asking someone to be who they completely are not….
maybe just because they “should” be… ?

What is it about yourself you need to change to combat your loneliness?

Reviewing your legal agreements.

Saturn in Libra is absolutely key, but I will be so grateful when it’s over.

Uranus in Aries: the birth of the new!

A new life with new ideas that are uniquely about your independence.

Self Actualization, Confidence, Clarity and uh… War!

Pluto in Cap

Death of the old structure. The old family. The old traditions.

Jupiter in Taurus, soon to be Jupiter in Gemini

Jupiter is a chance to grow! Yeah sometimes it drops a gift right in your lap,

but more often it expands your world in such a way that a gift is possible.

Part of the magic is being able to see what happens as a gift,

and find the best way to use it!

If you are a Taurus or a Gemini, plant what you want to grow (metaphor!)

In other words, proceed, with your goals, and let life meet you half way.

Yes it is the Lemons=Lemonade

Lemonade is Delicious!

For everyone else took to the house where Jupiter falls,

and use that along with, your natal Jupiter placement.

So yeah, I was going to do some sort of astro round up

but couldn’t poss. do it justice with the brain like a sieve I have today!

I prob. missed something, let me know what it was in the comments!

Syd Barrett, a man not known for his focus…

Love YOU!!!


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