~Just Like That~ Taurus New Moon Eclipse, April 30, 2014


An Eclipse in Fixed Earth is an Earthquake.
Seismic shift, bone break.

We peck our way out of our brittle surrounds,
Or someone cracks us on the griddle.

Is it hot in here?



April 29th was a beginning alright.
Not without tensions and deep politics,
but there is a soft heart, a humanizing factor,
that asks you to stretch a little beyond your capacity…
and as you stretch, that new space becomes your capacity.

You grow like a tulip in springtime,
inevitably, and not without a storm

You will have to be stubborn too.
It’s not enough to float your message out to the cosmos.


Sometimes you have to hammer it in. Politely,
with a smile.
Thanks Libra!

A door wide open,
there is nothing like a Grand Cross in Cardinal signs to put a crowbar in the jam & keep prying until somebody snaps.

Take a look around at what you are creating in this moment.

The trip wire, the key in the lock, the lucky banana peel,
that slipped us down through the ground, & into a new world,
that is the work of Pluto and Chiron/Venus/Neptune
Mercury is the delivery man, a letter, a conversation?

Between dreamy connection, and unspoken taboo,
what has come to the surface should be an advantage.

The power balance shifts.

It’s Mars that will be forced to handle it.

As the strings of the puppets and puppeteers are revealed,
you’ll find yourself in a new landscape.

Just like that

I think we are going to need a vehicle,
something both rugged and accommodating, there’s a lot yet to muscle through!
I could do with one of THESE
it looks the tiniest bit like a garbage truck, and fuel efficiency?
Can someone make this solar powered?!
…but imagine being able to go anywhere, with everyone,
all Taurus Tough like a Bull, or a Turtle in it’s shell!

The power of theses Taurus Eclipses astonishes me every time.
Taurus, the material world, where impact is visceral.

Values are established now. Set it up.
Set in Stone?


Well, they won’t move without a reason.

Love YOU!!!


Tell me all about your eclipses in the comments! What happened?! I want to hear!

p.p.s <3 Fela Kuti <3
It takes a powerful Libra to marry 27 women at one time. Although I heard that later, he kept it down to only 12. A zodiac?

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