Jupiter/Uranus, Mercury Direct, June 11, 2015


Ready to go?!

Now, you’ll find out.

Maybe not today,
but within a week you may as well be on another planet…

Old routines will be left behind, or incinerated.
The new will have sprung up like a barn framed in a single day, simply add siding, which, you know, only seems simple, with wind, rain, weather, and other human style delays of time, ability, and capacity. But the next step leads to the next step, and before you know it, these cows go here.

Of course you are of two equally important minds about all developments, but you still know which one to choose.

It’s the one that sets your pants on fire*,

A lightning streak of one part joy & two parts panic,
that says thunder thisaway, & you have never been here before.

It’s different now, we become.
Grow to suit our situation.

The luck is good whether or not it IS good,
it’s the boot slammed in the door that keeps it open,

Or, for that matter, the door blown off it’s hinges.

It’s a goodbye that keeps on giving, and a hello that just won’t quit.

Love YOU!!!



* because Gemini


and umm
I mean

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