Jupiter/Saturn Neptune/Chiron, Dark of the Aries Moon


Dark of the Moon in Aries.
It’s always darkest before the, wait don’t tell me.

New Moon @ 26 Taurus on Sunday.

The scope of our problems takes shape, Mars opp.Saturn, we seem to know what we are up against, and even as the shape of the solution forms in our mind’s eye like a 3D holographic image spinning in the latest tech savvy adventure flick,
there is an awareness that we do not as yet possess the technology,

AND, that this is in fact dangerously close to a diversion.

What does it take to bring these images to life?
To put on the dropped shoes and walk out of the house.

In the main,those shoes have dropped.
We should be able to see the un-glamour of our dream situation, and yet still feel the magic that surrounds us.


time is speeding along

No matter how fast we run, there is no escaping our early imprints.

Do we set up the patterning to relive and thus to save or alter?
Do we set it up to see it with a witness, and leave it behind?

Simple problems with multidimensional answers,
Not all on the same path here,
You feel your way in the dark. Everything takes so long to enact, while time could not be racing away any faster.

away, away

If we are living for the thrills, and not the cheap ones either,
(birth, death) how do we say ~no~ to what will potentially harm us?


Risk factor.
Jupiter/Saturn Neptune/Chiron

and that crazy crazy Gemini Merc Retro
flying thoughts

Imperfect growth.

Prince has coined so many lyrical classics, this one comes back to me:

~ Would you run to me if somebody hurt you, even if that somebody was me? Sometimes I trip on how happy we could be. ~

Could be.


Put on your own, not someone else’s dropped shoes, leave the house and walk a mile in them.
Then another mile.

Maybe your head hurts

You are not alone, and there will be plenty of people to talk to.

Sit down and stare at the chipping paint, the moss growing on the rocks, that faded bit of red cracked plastic that finds its way everywhere. Get back up.

Aries gives us the capacity to go on.
Life force, no matter what.

Love YOU!!!


a good poem for today

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2 Responses to Jupiter/Saturn Neptune/Chiron, Dark of the Aries Moon

  1. Tam says:

    That is a perfectly amazing image you found! The spiral of life, Saturn transits, the story is similar but I’m in a different place now. I’m not looking forward to dipping back into Scorpio but back we go anyway. Like a roller coaster that goes forward and backwards and there is that terrible pause before flying backwards. Very thought provoking post! <3

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Tam,
      Thanks for writing! I love that image, it seems so miraculous. That we do anything like that at all. That we are on a planet spinning through the air…

      For what it’s worth I don’t want to watch the last rites of death in death either. I mean, I know those who polished their apple are lined up to get a gold star, but even in the best of it, it’s a very stark territory. Sending Love.

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