Jupiter + Uranus = Um What ?


It should be a beautiful time. It SHOULD be.
It should be, right?

The things we are shaking free of
leave us in a world that has recently been shaken.

Or wait, I mean,

What has atrocity to do with freedom?
Certainly one doesn’t purchase the other

Is it that the scale tips,
when the contrast is made more stark?


Commonalities seem to bleed together,
all can be free because there is no us versus them, but simply all of us?

There is a certain je ne sais tumble-over-a-cliff-factor,
as a couple of beautiful
& as a couple of terrible
massive avalanches take place in alternate directions.

Our Jupiter Uranus trine inconjunct Chiron is/was a gold mine of hyper speed big change surprise activity no matter how you cast it.


Health may be a factor, mental, physical, emotional,
oh health

Pluto, never one to be left out when he is in aspect, was not ummmm… left out.

Death, destruction, freedom, liberation, bondage, repeat.
(and because uranus) suddenly, always suddenly.

Something New

We are moving into the real meaning of Uranus square Pluto, with Neptune in Pisces, as promised.
As foretold by the elders, lol. I mean, as described by me and everyone else.

It’s a combo of the 60’s and the Revolutionary War Era, we said.
So it is.

Sorry I’ve been a bit scarce, it’s that life thing!
No. really. REALLY.


Dig yourself out of whatever pit you are in,
we can all start to cover new territory now, as mercury FINALLY clears his shadow.

The same old same old convos are done.
As of June 27th it’s at least uncharted contradictions…
Still Gemini, still undecided,
but FRESH for Summer 2015.


Why is it that you find yourself face to face, with what are, on an interior level, the deep dilemmas of the the last 2 years, now revealed in their most plain, stark, complex & somehow alternate forms.

…oh these ARE special snowflakes!

If it’s so simple, what’s the answer?
Why are you in over your head?

The finality is frightening, like the sound of someone saying
~I’ll fix you for good~

Thanks Saturn in Scorpio!
Thanks for the apparent impossibility of finding an acceptable scenario.

Do you want to solve these puzzles?

You will.

and before long, too.

So many things have already changed.
Catch up with yourself?


~ So there is a door out of here after all

And to visit a new place creates one
in the brain
-Franz Wright ~

Love YOU!!!!


* Zach Condon Uranian as always!



~There is a permanent amnesia planted in us, which just as we keep forgetting our dreams, we sometimes keep on forgetting our reality.
–Isaac Bashevis Singer~


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2 Responses to Jupiter + Uranus = Um What ?

  1. Jean-Luc says:

    This has been one hell of a week for me. Lots of endings and forced endings. I finally subleased my office space and moved out my office furniture. My lease was a huge financial burden that has been lifted off my back. Relief. A few days later on the 3rd of July, I took my car to a local repair shop with a stellar reputation. I had a noise coming from under the car that I wanted to have checked out. I took a drive around the corner with one of the mechanics who would be inspecting my car so he could hear the noise. We drove back to the garage and he told me to give him an hour to try to figure out what was going on. I told him I’d be reachable on my cell and that I was going to grab some lunch a few blocks away. Short story long–I came back after lunch and my car was not at the shop, I asked the another mechanic where my car was and he said that the guy that was working on it took it for another drive to see if he could recreate the noise. I sat down and waited another 20 minutes. I asked the mechanic if he could call the guy who had my car and he told me that my car had been in an accident and that the guy who was driving my car was in an ambulance on his way to the hospital! My car was totaled and was in pieces and had hit 2 other cars in the process. I was pretty much in shock. So my car was destroyed (BTW the guy driving it had minor injuries and is OK).
    In between the sublease and the car incident I was offered a job in another state, so I may be moving and ending my stay here in California. So many endings and new beginnings!

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Jean-Luc,

      Thanks for writing!!
      That’s MADNESS!! Some real Cardinal Chaos!I’m glad everyone was more or less ok. I hope the move/new job is all that and then some! What a moment in time!!! <3 xox

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