Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto, Cardinal Changes, Aries Full Moon October 15, 2016


On Friday I began to talk about tipping points


It’s so messy.

Whose fault is it?!
Yours or theirs?


so where does that leave you?

That’s right!


forgive yourself

Destruction comes with two faces and we need them both.
We need them all.

Fault is the wrong premise, mostly because it’s circular, you can follow the blame anywhere you like, (and back to you Bob), in part, because we learn to describe our thinking or choices through cause and effect, but it’s nothing like that, or more accurately that’s a sliver and we are looking at an oak, and it’s still alive and still growing! What?! My metaphors are running away… It’s a multiverse, associative, nearly hallucinogenic, you can feel your way forward as you move through the dark.

The light is about to turn on anyway.
It may already be on.

A super bright white hot spot light.
As if truth itself was the next step.
Step in to it.

Get simple. Bold steps.

Forward, that’s the direction. I promise.


It’s already hot in here and getting hotter.
Expect it. Believe it.
The sky does in fact go BOOM. And not for nothing.

Fire + Air
but with real steps, earthly consequence and fueled by instinct & emotion

To change a life, you have to have life changes. As you know.


It you have placements at 10 to 15 degrees or between 20 and 27 degrees of any sign you will feel this very keenly.
If you don’t have these placements you will feel it because you are surrounded and the music is LOUD.
Life feels precarious, because it is.


If only we could place events in the right order to have a single premise we could regard as truth.


The fragmentation doctrine the world has been preparing for us is nearly complete.
Howev, facts do come to the rescue, if only you can see them from far enough away to use.

Libra is a strategist, with Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Capricorn there is a likelihood of making the right choice to advance your agenda. Pick a good one, without vendetta.


Working together is desirable and stressful.
There is an emphasis on trying to bend so you don’t break, and an undercurrent of doing whatever it takes regardless of whoever breaks.
Some will leave one sort of partnership for another, and others will realize they left long ago, so why are they still here?


Right now, Pluto is a huuuge factor, sex, and death, and regret, what you owe, or what is owed to you, how much you have paid, and just as you feel you are finally fighting them off, the messy threads of the past, toxic psycho sexual connections, or imperfectly decimated relationships of all kinds, throw their greedy tendrils on to your chest to see if there is yet a pulse.

It’s a two way street with cars suddenly driving fast in both directions. Why?
Because you are finally about to make a break, the past threatens to drown you.



This astro does not support backward motion.

We need to attack and grieve and grow, because while we are still living, life is tumbling, burning, swirling, it’s a fight in a forest fire, and we are not dead.


Our words are magnified. What you say will expand and carry out. Jupiter joins Mercury.
By Saturday/Sunday we have an ARIES GOD OF WAR FULL MOON conjunct Uranus, opposite our Libra pile up.

Mars is at 13 Capricorn, Pluto is at 15, together they trine the north Node,
and square the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter in Libra.
Saturn in Sagittarius SQUARES the North Node, and sextiles the Libra planets.

This Full Moon is not only a culmination. It’s a beginning.

Since (hopefully) you don’t want to begin a war, (there will be some that do exactly that), look ahead. Conflicts on the horizon for you to juggle/wrestle/outwit.
Apparently we need the pressure.
Our forced growth regime begins anew.

The celestial Cardinal T-square will segue into a Mutable Grand Cross on the 19th of October,
and a Cardinal Grand cross appears on the 21st with the Moon in Crab.

You can’t miss it.
And you won’t.

Love YOU!!!



Be kind to yourself, and your sweethearts, you all deserve it!

Do you love these cloud paintings?! Ian Fisher has made some serious atmosphere! CLICK HERE



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  1. my progressed full moon (Scorpio) is in a week! I’m so excited! even if everything burns down… or whatever… I’m still excited to go there.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Satori,

      Thanks for writing! :::waves::: Yeah, bring it. I’m excited for the churn to throw something good toward everyone who is ready to use it! Especially you! <3 xoxox

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