Jupiter Trine Mars, Libra Merc Retro, & Venus Complexities


New things aren’t comforting, and they are not comfortable.
Opportunities now offer no guarantees,
people need be only the most chilly version of nice.

Jupiter in LEO trine Mars & Uranus is nothing like
Jupiter in Crab with Chiron & Neptune in Pisces.
No one is looking out for you.

There is no gentleness to the doors that open,
and no certainty they will stay open for long.
Your first sudden chance may well be as good as it gets.

but, is there, could there be some other chance? In many cases yes

A wide open disconnect, akin to a parachute drop,
if you walk though that door, can you ever come back?
Oh who wants to go back anyway!!!
No one. No one really. The truth is we are all learning to fly.

Amidst emotional puzzles and relationship renegotiation,
Nothing is certain now.

Venus opp. Uranus, sudden disconnection, or sudden connect?
Everyone wants to go their own way
How to have your freedom and maintain a connection?

Balance wins here if at all possible,
but its not a simple victory
and it plays out over October.
Venus square Pluto, and Opp. Uranus!
oh no you didn’t!

It do get complicated.

Triangles, an attempt at distance, new love, old love,
what is fair to whom!?

Mercury hits Libra and begins to wonder where he went wrong,
or is it that he is about to go wrong?
Or he finally pointed in the right direction?
and by he, I mean you.

This may take a while.

Libra experiences a conflict between what is true, and what is right,
or between ideals and reality.
If we succumb to reality are we losing our ideals?
The pragmatist says no.
The idealist says yes.

Libra, wants what he wants,
AND also wants it to be fair…
(that is a thought loop all by itself)

Equally important, solutions should be kind, or at least not messy…

Yet in the search for smoothed feathers,
who but Libra can enact these lengthy uncertain scenarios,
& who but Libra has the patience to get out of them, with and in/tact.
Libra wants a life boat in place for every sailor who jumps.

Is it possible? Well, is it?

Romantically play fair. Sun, Venus, North Node, and now Mercury.
That is a lot of Libra. No clinging, and no histrionics.

To win love and money,
Be beautiful, poised, clear headed and willing to work together.

Love YOU!!!


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