Jupiter in Virgo says Goodbye/Chiron Sends a Message to Retro-Mercury



Yesterday I made a mistake setting up a chart to do a consult.

*so embarrassing!!!*
I’m a fast messy typist, (Surprise! Not!) I inverted a number, and used the chart!
Before long the mistake was caught, I apologized, updated the consult, my client was gracious, and all would be well, except you can’t un-spill milk.

This morning, as I drove back from dropping my daughter off at high-school, I passed the bridge that I always pass, and saw a man sleeping that I often see. His black sleeping bag is carefully lain out perpendicular to the road. He lies on top of it. His orange shoes are placed neatly by his bed, and his clean blue and white clothes are carefully folded underneath his head. He looks like a man who works nights. Everything about him is cautious and careful, there he is, eyes closed, feet bare, asleep under a bridge.

Jupiter in Virgo is the wish to be good, diligence that pays off, humility that brings success.


But just as often, it might be success that brings humility.
The doors that open to you when you know you are not flawless, a goal that is never fully arrived at, as we are always becoming, the excruciating quality of having to witness and endure our own faults, not only known to ourselves, but obvious and in plain sight. Is that pain not a door that can open? A door that can bring us closer to others?

With Luck it will be another Saturn cycle before I switch numbers, but as Virgo Jupiter turns to Libra, and Pisces Chiron touches Mercury, he gives one last kick in the pants or kiss of encouragement.

There is a stray cat who comes round my place, he is grey, like my departed best cat ever was, and though he has the tiny body of the local strays, as does my own current rescue cat, he is kind and smart, and my cat is not. We gave my cat a good name, but instead we call him Marbles for the two glass balls that seem to click in his head, empty of sense or compassion. I would adopt Mr Grey, but my boyfriend is allergic, and already suffering from the cat I won’t give up. Instead I feed and pet him when he comes, and worry when he is away enchanting strangers. This would be a parable, but instead it’s exactly life, and there is more Virgocity in this little story than just about anywhere. Virgo is the details that shape a life. Health, pets, obligation, tiny trials and imperfections, service and servitude.


Virgo arrives as the daily acts of care and diligence. We have had our reminder. Now Libra comes to hold a scale, to expand our quest for Justice, to save us from being lonely. More to come….

Love YOU!!!



Who is following THIS STORY as a natural development of Neptune and Chiron in Pisces?
With Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, let’s pay attention to water, here and everywhere, as water has more power now, and as ever, is without boundaries, no door is closed to her, inseparable from every life-form, inextricable as blood.


* I think the quote up top is by Satsuki Shibuya


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  1. Aaron says:

    You do write so beautifully.

  2. Thank you very much for sharing the quote <3

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Satsuki Shibuya,
      Thanks for writing! Your art is so beautiful, it was such a treat to explore your site! I really appreciate you allowing me to share your words. I love that quote so much, and I think of it often, it’s so freeing and empowering. xo

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