Jupiter Direct take 2, 2014



It’s not just that Jupiter Direct wakes those sleeping dogs…
It’s more along the lines of, we move from the eye of the storm…
to the storm.

The storm causes an electrical short,
that jolt & outage inexplicably sets the house on fire.
Inexplicable because you just got the wiring done, I mean, it was just DONE!

In this very moment your boss comes over,
to ask if you wouldn’t mind cooking a five course meal.
Fact is,
due to his position,
this man has the leverage to insure that you want to break out the pots.
Could this be a good time to point out the obvious?
Helloooo Mr Fiery House?
Surely on some level you are going to have to work with reality,
and when you do,
you’d better have copious sweet talk ready,
because your reality is not what your boss wants to hear.

Fun Times.

Yet motion, commotion, brings possibility.
a curveball? damn straight.

What did I say yesterday?
Connections and emotional intelligence are how we grow now.

That’s it exactly.
Mars in Libra demands we finesse it or die trying.
Well maybe

We have until the Full Moon in Virgo on March 16th
to suggest that a Fire Department BBQ is absolutely the ideal menu…


Love YOU!!!


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