Jupiter Direct April 8, 2015


Whatever you are aiming for, go ahead and try now.

Jupiter in Leo is back and he LOVES YOU!!!

Close your eyes and listen.
What a beautiful song!!!

I think Quvenzhané Wallis is all that and then some!
I first encountered her reading an interview about Beasts of the Southern Wild,
which I had to immediately go see!
I love her voice, and honestly everything about her.

Sia wrote Opportunity, and sings it with Quvenzhané


Today we have Sagittarius Moon conjunct Saturn and square Neptune as she passes.
The real truth and nothing but?

err… well

Put your highest ideals in to place, & plan for the future you want.
What does it take?

Bravery, Patience and EGO.

This is LEO: Create, Perform, Enjoy!

Love YOU!!!



if you are curious about how Jupiter in Leo will affect your life, and would like a consult about that or anything else … give me a shout… I’m around…


Quvenzhané is an UBER Virgo. Virgo Pride for all you super perfection people.
Her Sun, Moon,Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter are in the sign of ~get it right~

So why the Leo vibe on the shortstuff?
Pluto! Our girl is having a 5th house Pluto transit supporting all her planets!
and that is the power of Astrology!


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