Jupiter Direct 2014


Jupiter in Crabcakes is Direct!
Breathe deep Pisces and Sagittarians, you’ve got options!

Jupiter has been there all along, giving everyone a hand up,
just as someone was about to push you down.

Have we a song for that?


The Staples Singers, a family band with the incomparable Mavis Staples
Back when sun sign astrology was an important part of an intro!

Click the link to hear what Mavis sounds like now!
There is another link on that page for her chart too!
Mavis is deeply Cardinal: Crab, Aries, & Libra,
with Merc in Leo!
*Her dad calling her a MoonChild* So Nice.

VeryVery happy to have doors swinging open,

As we move through these months of Cardinal-T-Square,
expect some doors to swing open into a car crash/shootout…
~duck when you gotta duck and turn the music up~

Or expect to turn a corner and run right into what looks like a stalemate.
Nonono! There ARE possibilities in the mix!
Keep Looking!!
Connections and emotional intelligence are how we grow now.

Have a beautiful Day!

Love YOU!!!


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