Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius PLUS the Crab Full Moon @8 degrees December 29, 2020

Forces at work here are massive, fateful, dreamy, abrupt (and the key word and absolute trash panda of 2020): unprecedented.

This time: December, January, and February is such alchemy, such absolute transfiguration that it makes no sense to write about the full moon exclusively or in isolation. Here on earth, in your life, a tiny seed, whether perceptible or not, has been planted, no really.

What grows, what is about to grow, (some of it jack and the beanstalk style) appears fully formed as a true mystery. You look up, your path stretches into clouds: a definite climb, or at times leap by leap, to an absolutely uncertain destination. You’re going alright: somewhere.

And now as you stand, pack in hand, you do get your accolades, your flowers, some cosmic or karmic reward from having made it this far. These are facts. Where you explore, what you begin, the experiment, what you build, you will build for 20 years to come. That’s true. That’s just actually true. Think back to 2000, we had a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Taurus, what was the story you began then? It has, one way or another ended, the critical bit, the bit with teeth, you can see through it or past it now, whatever that was, you set it down on some level. Set down who you have already been.  You are going elsewhere. Now, it’s something else.


To identify your focus, find Aquarius in your chart, by sign and house. If you don’t know how, ask an astrologer.

If we are technical it’s the start of a 200 year cycle. 200 years of AIR. But come closer, let’s look at your life, your next 20 years. It started last week, it started right around December 19th. WHAT? What is it? What sort of something else? Some of you might have an inkling, but the trick of it is… and I think you know this, it’s a surprise.

Aquarius: a revolution for everyone. All together, alone. Which part of your life suddenly is up for alteration? Big picture alteration. Independence, interdependence, rebellion, Social Vision. What you are building now, or beginning to understand you will build, on some level, has already engaged you, look around, if not in the exact circumstance it will continue with, but by THEME.

The themes should be evident.To explore what each of us might encounter, let’s again not trot out unprecedented, instead let’s say unpredictable.Let’s allow our current, previously unimagined set of circumstances to liberate us from tired timelines, from worn out stories.

Let’s welcome 2021 as the absolute catapult that it is. We have just been launched into deeeep space. It turns out, as Jack discovers, for better and worse, for treasure, and danger, for illumination, and value, there is a whole world in the sky. I mean this in terms of direct scientific ramifications, and I mean it in terms of new theoretical understanding that has practical implications here on earth.


Who controls your mind? Who controls the flow of information you receive? Where do you place the power of your perspective?


The next 20 years will form around constructs of public information, science, the reframing of history. It will involve space exploration and development, perhaps space mining, genetic medicine, new models of quantum physics, anti-aging science, new levels of digital currency, cyborg and increased clone development, contact with life from other planets, the dissolving of gender norms and identities, the creation of new gender norms and identities, and both a fear of, and a willingness to delineate even the most abstract ideas and ideals.


We can easily see that we have been growing toward this point, and the fact that we are here takes less of an adjustment, than the fact that we need to let go of where we have already been. The fact is, we will be REQUIRED to let go of where we have been, or be increasingly marginalized. Aquarius is not a forgiving sign, nor is it a vindictive one. If you are not ready to grow now, what you will be, or what you will become, is irrelevant.


That’s a lot. A lot to take in, a lot to process, Jupiter and Saturn taken together in Aquarius is not only a growth hormone but a mutation. An alternate reality springs up, and here we are already ensconced in strange surroundings that offer us a challenge: we must find a new way to proceed.

Let’s establish something that does indeed need to be said: there is fun to be found creatively.There are opportunities in the spaces that open up now, in the weedy cracks and the broken apocalypse vibes of Pluto in Capricorn. 

We will be able to use these openings when we stop being amazed that we are here, and start using that amazement as fuel, fuel for our development as wild, authentic, subversive individuals in love with our collectives sparks. In these scary spaces, in this scary shell of our former reality, there is love and more than love, there is growth.

So what can I tell you about our full moon in Crab? The days around it are bonkers, it’s kind of bonkers too, but the Moon itself arrives as a blessing, almost a benediction.


Venus on the south node in Sagittarius reminds you to use ordinary ethics and respect for personal freedom if you get confused. Cancer and Capricorn protect the baby in the light of the new bottom line. Venus and Mars agree on how to handle any new encounter. Jupiter and Saturn stake out the territory. Whatever has gone on already, the culmination our Crab Moon offers is a chance to digest, to turn on every light in the house, look around, and then turn them off again. It’s an acceptance moon.

As we do that, as we allow everything to flow through us, let’s allow ourselves to experience our inescapable connection to the infinity mystery and limitless power of creation. There is no meaningful way to separate the vibrations of your molecules from the vibrations of the molecules surrounding you.

In whatever we encounter, let’s bring our whole self, our whole selves, our entire multiverse of interconnected particles. Let’s be together now, and take a breath. I’m so glad you are alive and breathing here with us.



Love YOU!!!



Belief in Magic by Dean Young

How could I not?
Have seen a man walk up to a piano
and both survive.
Have turned the exterminator away.
Seen lipstick on a wine glass not shatter the wine.
Seen rainbows in puddles.
Been recognized by stray dogs.
I believe reality is approximately 65% if.
All rivers are full of sky.
Waterfalls are in the mind.
We all come from slime.
Even alpacas.
I believe we’re surrounded by crystals.
Not just Alexander Vvedensky.
Maybe dysentery, maybe a guard’s bullet did him in.
I believe there are many kingdoms left.
The Declaration of Independence was written with a feather.
A single gem has throbbed in my chest my whole life
even though
even though this is my second heart.
Because the first failed,
such was its opportunity.
Was cut out in pieces and incinerated.
I asked.
And so was denied the chance to regard my own heart
in a jar.
Strange tangled imp.
Wee sleekit in red brambles.
You know what it feels like to hold
a burning piece of paper, maybe even
trying to read it as the flames get close
to your fingers until all you’re holding
is a curl of ash by its white ear tip
yet the words still hover in the air?
That’s how I feel now.

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