Jupiter and Mercury Retro, New Moon in Capricorn


Mercury moves back to Capricorn, Jupiter turns back to support the Sun.
Call up your old friends and biz partners?
Venus and Saturn join at 11 degrees Sagittarius

The New Moon in Capricorn holds a lot of power.

The Sun and the Moon come together at 19 degrees
in a Retro-Mercury Pluto sandwich.
Uranus Squares, Jupiter trines. Chiron sextiles

Merc in Capricorn still squares Scorpio Mars,
& Neptune begins to take some of the sting out.

You want this beginning, even if it won’t run smooth, and it won’t.

I promise it won’t.


Our past gets the boot, a vacuum sucks it away,
new life, new time,
and it fights back by sending ghosts.

You become aware of what you have and have not.
Second guessing

How narrowly and purely you missed your chances.
What chances you have left.

All I want to do is sleep.
It’s the Pluto. Can I wait it out?
Every one of us has a secret on some level, and there is absolutely no one to tell.


Neptune and Saturn, it’s a slow motion car crash,
or are we only dreaming?

Boredom or contentment?

Can you trust yourself now to make the choices you have to make?

With nearly half of your puzzle pieces misshapen,
you do still have to solve the puzzle.

As for the mistakes you’ve made, you’ll tell as few people as possible.
Keep it under wraps, handle your biz.

The funny thing about information is that all of it is useful.
There is nothing you can know, that your brilliant mind can’t find a use for.

Where there is a will, there will be a way.
There is a will now.


and a way is coming.

It’s not that you have to go backward, because you can see right on the face of it that you can’t! A neon sign reads

::::: NEW CHALLENGES :::::

They put that up for you!
yeah they did.

It’s ALSO not that you have outrun the demons exactly.
They lurk, and as the Horse of Power
always says to Ivan-Tsarevitch, ~ the trouble is not yet, the trouble is still to come. ~

How many people will now re-think their public image,
in particular their career?

right up at the top of the chart, that significator of accomplishment,
belonging and becoming.

Of who and what you are.

What you have made of yourself.
Have you “made it’?

Fear of Achievement


In a way it boils down to, do you want to do ~that~ all day?
or are you willing to do it for the gains you’ll make?

For who you get to be when you do it?
Can you make yourself?


Hold it right there, you know that’s the wrong approach.
And yet, who hasn’t walked on the wrong road to get to the right place?


what a blissful feeling to walk on the right road to get to the right place!
And then again,
that right road often has no amenities.

Is it a matter of not dreaming big enough?
Asking for too little, and hoping the rest will land in your lap?

Do begin again on this new Moon as a professional, handling your life as though it, the whole thing was a job,
YES,even if you are unemployed.


In the last day or two time has been running out of my bottle as though we could actually get to an end. Poured faster and faster. The things I haven’t done, piling up beside the hard won slow growth forest of the things I have. Go back and fix it, finish it, realize you are too late, or the disparate overlapping awareness, creates an uneasy unusable time.

There seems to be a edge here, and a blurry line that covers it.
So you could cross without meaning.


And perhaps this is what these retrogrades will address,
time to catch up with yourself.

Errrr. NO. Def. Not. Not at all.

Simply a free fall under adverse conditions. Do jump. Do take the risk.
But for goodness sake check your parachute first.

In the Tale of the Firebird I referenced above, Ivan-Tsarevitch has to cast himself into the cauldron to succeed against the villain. He has to trust in the symbol of his pure nature, (the girl he loves) that’s ancient wisdom. So is this ~ Trust Allah, but first tie your camel to a post~

Love YOU!!!


wherever you can, remove the space between you and what you want.

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3 Responses to Jupiter and Mercury Retro, New Moon in Capricorn

  1. Colleen says:

    let’s see, what else is at 11 deg of something? Venus 12 Aqu, Asc 13 Sag, Jupiter 10 Aries, Uranus 9 Virgo, Chiron 11 pisces. Yup, all my mutables are getting hit hard. Funny, being a cap sun i feel so much calmer. 😉

    • Colleen says:

      And the moon is hitting my fixed 21’s at a glancing blow: moon in Leo, Neptune in Scorp, Saturn in Aqu. Hmmmm….

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Colleen,
      Thanks for writing it IS a huge year for mutables or those with mutable planets. Plenty of challenges to put their adaptability to good use! lol! True tho. You are going to rock it, Jupiter in Virgo will offer so much to Caps, by the time he is done. xoxo

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