June 9, 2014 Moon/Saturn/Chiron/Jupiter


Scorpio Moon on it’s way to Saturn, catching support from the Crabby Sun,
Moon/Saturn is the bottom line. It won’t hit until tomorrow, it’s a way to re-write the future before it happens.

To change what the story line was going to be, into what it must be instead.
What has been can’t continue, I’m lying, I mean it will continue, only now CHANGED, while you continue to manage it, to breathe fresh air into old lungs

The Moon, our mother, our body, our home, our feelings,
always hungry, the food we eat.

Something we can begin to see in a new way, as family boundaries are re-drawn.
Chiron suggests we have something to learn.
Protected Hurts?
Take the band-aid off.

Independent? Yes, but this is not just an internal development.
Out in the real world, there are consequences.

Think back to the Grand Water Trine of last Summer: Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune
Our perception of what is possible was altered, and with it, our lives.

That river keeps bending, watch now:
Saturn in Libra lessons come back



This time it’s Moon/Saturn/Chiron/Jupiter:
The way ahead comes through handling definitions, protections, limitations, even linage, Should we judge what is possible by the past? NO.
It’s clear new territory will be covered, we will grow to fill those shoes.

Look keenly, with the clearest eyes that Merc will give you:
Open the hood: see what repairs are needed, & make them.

The limits create the possibilities. The banks hold the river, and so it flows.
The water holds your boat, the sail holds the wind.
Away, Ahead, Beyond.

Faith is a strong play, if it looks dark, turn your light on.

Venus in Taurus has a deciding voice here, money matters.
Delayed gratification won’t stop her,
in fact that may be the best way to get what she wants.

Serious as a heart attack. RESULTS.

Love YOU!!!



What do we know about THE MOON?

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